Treatment Options

• Assessment/psychological testing
• Consultation
• Treatment (psychological treatment incorporating psychotherapy and psychoanalysis)

I am fully trained as a Registered Psychologist and able to offer both individual and family psychotherapy. I am also a Psychoanalyst registered with the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA) and I am able to provide psychoanalysis to interested patients.

About Psychotherapy: The goal of psychotherapy is to increase self-awareness, resolve emotional issues, and to help you feel better about yourself. This can usually be achieved through weekly meetings where you talk about the difficulties you are experiencing and how you feel about them. Benefits lead to an improved capacity for healthy functioning.

About Psychoanalysis: This form of treatment is a more intense treatment approach requiring meetings of greater frequency (up to three or four sessions weekly). I work with patients in order to help bring about a deeper level of change. Very often people seek analysis because other approaches or interventions have not resolved their problems, or at best, have only offered temporary relief.

More Information About Psychoanalytically-Oriented Psychotherapy and Treatment

Psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy is an effective treatment approach for anyone, but particularly for anyone seeking deeper self-understanding.

This approach is effective for individuals experiencing the particularly unique, stress-related concerns that exist in high-stress professions and that often involve long hours in intense work environments. Despite relative satisfaction and success in life, such individuals often experience disruptive symptoms that restrict their choices and other opportunities for pleasure. Individuals fitting this profile might include for example bankers, managers, public servants, business, film and television executives, lawyers, physicians and other professionals.

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