Philosophy & Approach

My approach is based on principles informed by psychoanalytic understanding. In other words, I believe that an individual’s concerns or difficulties improve (or disappear) when we can arrive at a deeper understanding of the person’s worries, fears or conflicts. Psychotherapy helps the patient to come to a conscious decision about their actions based on their own best interest instead of unconscious needs or conflicts.

Treatment is usually preceded by an evaluation of the presenting issue or concern. In psychotherapy, I help my patients identify critical patterns in their thinking or behaviour, point out alternative interpretations of events, help identify new strategies for problem solving, as well as ask the patient questions to stimulate his/her thinking. I provide the patient with an objective ‘sounding board’.  A caring bond helps to nurture the psychological development of the patient.

In psychoanalysis, a more intense treatment approach requiring greater frequency than once a week meetings, I work with patients in order to help bring about a deeper level of change. Very often people seek analysis because other approaches or interventions have not resolved their problems or, at best, only temporarily so.

“The person can absent himself into a secret. Here the secret provides a potential space where an absence is sustained in suspended animation, … , the secret carries a hope that one day the person will be able to emerge out of it, to be found and met, and thus become a whole person, sharing life with others.”

M. Kahn (1978)

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